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How To Identify High Borosilicate Glass Cups?


1. Double-layer glass, most of which are made of high borosilicate heat-resistant glass;

2. The cups with the thicker bottom are pressed and not necessarily high borosilicate cups;

3. The water cups used in daily life are mainly artificially blown, and the raw materials are mainly high borosilicate glass tubes, which are softened at high temperature, and then placed in the mold for rotary blow molding or fixed blow molding;

4. The glass cup with handle is light and thin, and the thickness is generally high borosilicate glass.

The above is the difference between the three-top soda lime glass and the borosilicate glass and the method of distinguishing the borosilicate glass. High borosilicate glass is the best glass, with strong resistance to cold and heat, and it is the most suitable cup for our daily life.

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