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Glass Three-piece Cup


The three-piece glass cup set is simply designed for office workers. The three-piece glass cup set has good appearance and many functions. The capacity is about 520ml. The color of the cup body is transparent smoke gray. It looks simple and elegant, and does not fall into the cliché at all. It is very convenient to use in the office. It is compact and has enough capacity for one person.

The most surprising part of the three-piece glass cup set is that it can operate "put, wash, brew, pour and clear" in one go. One cup can complete the entire tea making process. The filter design is also very user-friendly. The eccentric filter has a large hole design, and the scented tea ingredients are put in through the large tea drain, making it more comfortable when drinking tea. The three-piece glass cup set has a removable filter, which is convenient for positioning the tea bag string and preventing it from slipping; it is easy to clean, just lift and remove it gently, and clean both sides more thoroughly。

The outer body material design of the glass three-piece cup set. The middle and lower parts are made of double-layered borosilicate glass, which is anti-scalding, resistant to temperature differences, and the brown color is transparent and visible. The outlet is a single-layer glass temperature test layer. When water passes through this layer, your lips can first feel the approximate temperature and are not easily burned. In addition, the curved lip fit design fits the lips more closely. The outer layer has a silicone anti-scalding ring in the hand grip, which makes the grip more stable, relaxed and comfortable, and makes people feel intimate. This three-piece cup set designed by INTOWALK is worth owning.

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