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About glass preservation box


Even though the glass preservation box is heavy, it is easy to clean, does not easily retain food odors and stains, and can be completely sealed to prevent food smell from seeping out or ingredients from spoiling. Therefore, it is the most common material for crisper boxes in the home.

glass preservation box can be divided into tempered glass or heat-resistant glass. Tempered glass is not easy to break, but it can only withstand heat up to 120 degrees. If it is heated too much, there may be a risk of bursting; the applicable range of heat-resistant glass is about minus 20 degrees to 400 degrees, and can be used in microwave ovens, electric pots, and ovens etc., so it has both preservation and cooking functions.

glass preservation box are more environmentally friendly than plastic crisper boxes and can be heated in a microwave oven. And because of their weight and fragility, they are better suited for storing crispy foods like crackers and nuts.

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