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Why choose high borosilicate glass


In layman's terms, it is: High borosilicate glass material can be regarded as fine tea. High borosilicate glass contains boron trioxide, which allows for a low thermal expansion coefficient. The extremely strong resistance of high borosilicate glass allows it to randomly adapt to sudden temperature changes. For example: the replacement between ice water and high temperature boiling water will not easily cause high borosilicate glass to break like ordinary glass - it is high temperature resistant and not fragile. You can pour boiling hot water with complete confidence. High borosilicate glass usually It is mostly used in chemical laboratories and industrial enterprises. Recently, it has been gradually used in high-end kitchenware, milk bottles and red wine containers. Because high borosilicate glass is resistant to chemicals, acid degradation and solubility are very low. This means the cup itself won't leach any harmful toxins into the water you drink!

Both dishwasher and microwave safe. It is also very safe to put it in the sun for a long or short time after pouring it into hot water. This also means that if the water bottle is forgotten in the car, you can drink it with confidence.

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