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The correct way to use a wine decanter


1. Choose a suitable decanter: Choose a decanter of appropriate size according to the type of wine you want to decanter. Red wines typically require larger decanters, while white and sparkling wines may require smaller decanters.

2. Clean the decanter: Make sure the decanter has been cleaned and has no odor before use.

3. Pour wine slowly: When pouring wine from the bottle into the decanter, avoid inverting it vertically to prevent sediment contained in the wine from falling into the decanter. The correct way is to hold the neck or bottom of the decanter with one hand and the bottle with the other hand, maintaining a certain angle (about 30 degrees) and distance (the right hand is slightly higher than the left hand), and slowly pour the wine into the bottle. Pour.

4. Wait for sobering up: Different types of wine require different sobering times, generally ranging from 10 to a few hours. Red wine generally needs to be decanted for 30 minutes to 1 hour, while white wine and sparkling wine only need 10 to 15 minutes.

5. Pour out the wine: After the decanter is completed, if you are using a decanter that needs to be opened, make sure that the stopper or lid has been installed back into place, and then you can pour the wine from the decanter into the wine glass.

It should be noted that you should stand up when pouring wine into a decanter. This is not only to prevent the liquid from spilling, but also out of courtesy and respect for the guests. At the same time, there is no need to pour all the wine at the bottom of the bottle into the decanter, because most of it is sediment.

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