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Advantages of High Borosilicate Glass: Ensuring Safety in Everyday Usage


High borosilicate glass stands out as a versatile and favored material in various everyday applications, ranging from cookware to laboratory equipment. In addition to its numerous advantages, one critical aspect that demands attention is the safety of using high borosilicate glass in our daily lives. This article delves into the safety measures and considerations associated with this glass type.

Heat Resistance:

High borosilicate glass offers exceptional heat resistance, ensuring structural stability even in the face of rapid temperature variations. Whether used for pouring hot liquids or in the oven, it remains resilient, minimizing the risk of burns or accidental breakage. Glass teapots exemplify this heat-resistant property, designed to withstand open flames, electric pottery stoves, microwaves, and dishwashers without compromising safety.

Chemical Resistance:

Another crucial safety feature is its excellent resistance to chemical corrosion. High borosilicate glass is a reliable choice for laboratory glassware and medical equipment, as it does not react or leach harmful substances when exposed to corrosive materials, ensuring the safety and integrity of handled substances, as seen in borosilicate glass measuring cups.


High borosilicate glass is non-reactive with food and beverages, making it a safe option for storage and consumption. It does not introduce unwanted flavors, odors, or contaminants, ensuring the safety of consumables in food storage containers or tea/coffee cups. The high borosilicate glass storage tank perfectly embodies this non-reactive performance, offering high airtightness and ease of use.

Impact Resistance:

Accidental drops or knocks are part of everyday life. High borosilicate glass displays remarkable impact resistance, reducing the likelihood of breakage compared to other glass types. While not indestructible, the reduced risk of injury from shattered glass underscores its safety. However, handling glassware with care remains advisable to prevent accidents.

Easy Cleaning and Sterilization:

High borosilicate glass is easy to clean and resists stubborn stains, making it ideal for food preparation and medical settings. It can withstand high temperatures during sterilization, ensuring hygiene for laboratory equipment, baby bottles, and medical tools.

FDA Approval:

High borosilicate glass used in food and beverage applications typically meets FDA safety standards. This approval confirms that the glass is free from harmful substances, assuring users that it can be safely used for food contact without posing health risks.


The safety of high borosilicate glass in everyday use is well-established, given its thermal resistance, chemical resistance, non-reactivity, impact resistance, and easy cleaning and sterilization capabilities. FDA approval further underscores its suitability for food-contact applications. Responsible handling and adherence to recommended guidelines ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, allowing high borosilicate glass to seamlessly integrate into daily routines, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Our current range of high borosilicate glassware meets a wide array of daily needs, including tea pots, coffee utensils, cups, storage tanks, available in large quantities at competitive prices.

High Borosilicate Glass Storage Jar

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