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How To Clean The Glass Water Cup Is Reasonable


In everyone's daily life, water cups must be one of the indispensable daily necessities. However, regular cleaning of water cups is often overlooked by everyone. So, what kind of harm will happen if the water cup is not cleaned frequently? Do water glasses need to be replaced regularly?

The water cup is not washed often, and the bacteria are over 100 times. Under normal circumstances, we need to clean the cup once in one to two days, and the commonly used cups must be cleaned every day. In normal use, especially in the hot summer, if the water glass has been filled with drinks such as milk or freshly squeezed juice, it needs to be cleaned immediately after use, because the food residue left in the water glass is easy to mold and breed bacteria.

In fact, water cups also have a service life. It is better not to use the water cup for too long, especially the plastic water cup, which needs to be replaced in about a month. Although some cups seem to be usable, the plastic is not heat-resistant, and it is likely to produce carcinogens after being scalded by hot water, which is harmful to the human body. Ceramic, stainless steel or glass drinking glasses are recommended as they are heat resistant and durable. Many people who love to make tea like to use a water cup for a long time, neither changing nor cleaning it, thinking that scalding it with hot water every day is considered as cleaning the cup. In fact, dirt is easy to accumulate in some gaps between the mouth of the cup and the bottom of the cup, and it is impossible to clean it up only by scalding it with hot water. Therefore, when using a water cup, it is not only necessary to clean it regularly, but also to replace it regularly.

So how to clean the water glass is reasonable? Most people are used to cleaning water glasses with sponge brushes or cleaning cloths in the kitchen, which is very wrong. You should know that these items have cleaned a lot of dirt, and there are far more bacteria and dirt in them than in water glasses.

The correct method should be: add a little tableware cleaning solution into the water cup, rinse with clean water and dry it after washing. If possible, it is best to boil and disinfect the glass (porcelain) cup every few days. Stainless steel cups can be added Cover with boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. For some gaps that are easy to hide dirt (the mouth of the cup and the bottom of the cup), you can also focus on cleaning, such as squeezing some toothpaste on the gap, and using a clean brush to remove the dirt; if the gap at the bottom of the cup cannot be cleaned, use Wrap the paper towels on the brush to clean up; after the final cleaning, we need to turn the cup upside down and put it in a ventilated place to drain the water. In this way, the cleaned water glass will look brand new.

Finally, I still want to remind everyone that daily necessities that need to be washed and changed frequently include not only water glasses, but also toothbrushes and towels. Maintaining healthy living habits can make us healthier!

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