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Demystifying The Difference Between Soda Lime Glass And High Borosilicate Glass


Did you know there are different materials for glass? Do you know what that glass is? Do you know what high borosilicate glass is used for? Do you know the dangers of tempered glass? In fact, there are many kinds of glass materials, some glass materials are transparent, and there are also colored glass. Today we will compare the difference between ordinary glass and high borosilicate glass.

1. [The difference in ingredients]

Ordinary soda-lime glass is mainly composed of silicon, sodium and calcium. The composition of high borosilicate glass is mainly silicon and boron, so we can see their material composition from their two names.

2. [The difference in performance]

Generally speaking, the performance of soda-lime glass is not as good as that of high borosilicate glass frit, and it is difficult to form due to its short property. There will be more or less molding defects on products, such as stripes, material marks and scissors marks. etc.

3. [The difference in appearance]

High borosilicate glass and soda-lime glass, if they are pressed and formed by feeding materials, will not have a circle of cold lines. If they are formed by other methods, there will be differences in cold lines. For example, high borosilicate glass, usually It is mainly hand-blown, and there will be no cold lines.

4. [Difference in Density]

Usually the density of high borosilicate glass is lower than that of that glass, which can be compared by measuring the density by buoyancy.

5. [Difference in heat resistance]

High borosilicate glass has strong heat resistance, but the heat resistance of that glass is relatively poor. The thermal shock of high borosilicate glass is generally at 100 to 200 degrees. That glass is generally only 80 degrees.

The above is the difference between soda-lime glass and high borosilicate glass. I hope it will be helpful to you. Thank you for reading and welcome to pay attention to us.

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