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A Covered Bowl is The Preferred Tea Making Tool


Since the popularity of Kung Fu tea brewing method, people in Fujian have been accustomed to using a covered bowl, which is an extremely useful tool, to brew tea from south to north. The purple clay teapot, handmade by a famous master, is incredibly expensive. The small and lovely white porcelain covered bowl is both approachable and gentle. When brewing tea, it is like a swan soaring up in the air, opening its mouth agilely and pouring the sweet and fragrant tea into a crystal clear and fair cup.

Covering bowls is compact, lightweight, flexible, and affordable. It is actually the first choice among tea making tools, and the covered bowl does not absorb fragrance or taste, which can present the original flavor of a tea soup in the most authentic way. It is truly the best choice for making tea. With the covered bowl, we can restore the truth, so we will not miss out on good tea, nor tolerate inferior tea from being discarded as waste, nor will we treat inferior tea produced in an improper production area, with poor craftsmanship, and poor storage as treasures and drink it every day. Harming the digestive system is not worth the loss
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