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Why is It Called The Fair Cup


Fair cup, by its name, one can tell its meaning, mainly to evenly distribute the concentration of tea and balance the amount of tea. The meaning of a fair cup is to evenly distribute the concentration of tea soup produced between the first and fifth seconds. It is very fair to ensure that tea lovers who drink tea together can enjoy the same concentration of tea soup, without the occurrence of the same brewing soup. When you drink a stronger tea, they drink a lighter one, which is why it is called a fair cup.

A fair cup not only combines the strength of the tea soup, but also allows the tea to dissipate a bit of heat in the fair cup, so that the temperature is very suitable when consumed in the mouth. In the Chaoshan area, people do not use a fair cup when drinking Kung Fu tea, which greatly tests the technique of brewing tea. The technique of "Guan Gong patrols the city and Han Xin points troops" in Kung Fu tea can make the tea in the teacup consistent in intensity, similar to the function of the Gongdao cup. However, for some novice tea makers,the fair cup is undoubtedly the most convenient.
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